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Hello and Welcome Free Energy Seeker,

    This is an open source forum about Free Magnetic Energy. The purpose of this website is two fold.

   (1) To understand what works and what does not.

   (2) To keep this information in the public domain in an open source forum.

    You need to understand that there is no such thing as Free Energy, only that the energy produced after the cost of an electromagnetic generator is the energy Free. Thus the phrase, "Free Energy" is used in the industry.

    Keeping this information in the public domain, (rather then kept it secret in the name of personal gain) is the right thing to do. This website is dedicated to an open source forum to achieve that goal.

   This site is the pursuit of fuelless electromagnetic generators which are NOT to be confused with perpetual motion, as magnets ware out and need to be replaced or re-energized. Understand that there in NO energy in the magnet, only the power of magnetism itself from setting the magnet into motion to produce electricity.

Turbines are the core of our civilization. Practically every form of electric power is generated by a turbine. Electricity is made when a turbine moves a large magnet around a very large wire. This movement serves to electrify the wire.

Click diagram to enlarge.




This video shows you that Free Magnetic Energy is very real. There are two primary components to this unit. The self running magnetic motor, and the secondary set of magnets with 4 coils of wire that generates the electricity. Believe it or not, the small nine volt battery is not only used to run the electric generator, but the electric generator keeps the nine volt battery fully charged. However, you do not need to use a battery at all, just that it makes things easier to test.



   Understand that all research information will be made available here For Free.  For those of you who would rather have direct access to the research data then have to search this entire website, you can download the most important in eBook form for a small fee. The eBook will also include blueprints, detailed diagrams, all formatted into a step by step guide.

   Best of all, what funds that are raised by the eBook will go back into research and development. That research will be published right here on this website for Free, with no gimmicks, no tricks, no catches, no purchase required, and our Free newsletter will keep you up to date!

    There by this is NO scam as the information is 100% Free, and we have nothing to do with the alleged Magniwork scam or any of their affiliate websites.

     WARNING: Cyber attacks from cyber bullies go after anyone who supports or promotes Free Energy Alternatives.  Cyber bullies have become so aggressive that we had to dedicate a special section that deals with cyber bullies who make it their mission to have any and all information about alternative free energy removed from the web.

    Obviously cyber bullies cannot win, but cyber gangs against free energy alternatives can make things very difficult for you.

    Understand that when you leave posts on the web indicating you believe in and support free energy research, you automatically make yourself a target and may very well result in a cyber gang having your online account closed by anti-free energy seekers (cyber bullies) who make false reports about you and your account, and false reports about any free energy research you may be involved in.

   WARNING: Do NOT leave any identifiable information in our blog section, as you do so at your own risk, as there are those who will attack your YouTube channel, Face Book page, your MySpace page, your Twitter account, etc., by making false reports against you and your online account as a way to trick abuse reporting automation to close your account. We're not making this stuff up. And YES it's that simple.

   Cyber gangs even go after the people on your friends list because they are associated with you and or free magnetic energy. This is no laughing matter.

 This is serious stuff and we tell you right here how to defend yourself and how to fight back!

   If you are already a victim please Click Here to learn how you can fight back, and help prevent cyber attacks before it happens to more and more researchers and free thinking people like yourself.  Now you know better.

   This website is new, and we are working as fast as possible to get the info up online.  Information about free energy generator devices will be published here in an open forum for all to see and judge, as well as contribute right here in a  giant global think tank.  For those of you who would like all this information wrapped up in a concise manner, like we said, it will also be available in eBook form, which will offer blueprints and diagrams that may not be found on this website.

   What funds that are generated from the eBook will be used in the research and development of electromagnetic energy generator devices, and helps to cover the cost of running this website.

    Keeping this knowledge in the public eye raises world awareness, while bringing this information directly to you fingertips for Free, all in an Open Source Forum.

  Don't forget to visit our consumer alert scam section.

   Check out our What's New section for updates and breakthroughs, or simply subscribe to our Free Newsletter.


Respectfully yours,

James Roney

Founder, CEO, Scientist
Free Magnetic Energy, LLC
Opening Doors of Tomorrow, Today!

Global Think Tank

Fight Back Information Suppression from Cyber Gangs




    We understand your interest in Free Energy, because the first day this site opened we immediately started to receive over 100 visitors per hour.  Now ten weeks later we are starting to see 5,000 visitors per hour. Now four years later this site averages 1.8 to 2.1 million daily visitors. Obviously this is a hot topic for millions of people looking to find alternative ways to meet their energy needs.

    To be notified when the eBook comes online, simply Tell Us or sign up for our News Letter.

We hope to make toy size electromagnetic generators available which is ideal to show off to your friends and family to shut up the disbeliever.

    Possible coming project is to first miniaturize the magnetic generator into an LCD flashlight.  Imagine an ultra bright flashlight that you could even plug your cell phone into or charge your iPod.

    But don't hold your breath as it's does not exist... yet!



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 Please Note:  We have nothing to do with the alleged Magnetic Generator Scam that has swept YouTube, that continues to sweep the web unchallenged.  We would like to name names, but we rather point you in the right direction. Read Free Energy Scammers Unmasked and SCAM: Bogus Claim On Plagiarized Work: and you can learn about the alleged free energy scam first hand.

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